Your partner and provider for everyday cleaning and office needs.

T&L Janitorial Supply, LLC offers a full line of janitorial supplies. We offer local delivery and a convenient walk-in customer counter.


What We Do

T & L Janitorial Supply, LLC  is based in Ottawa, IL. 

We are a supplier of commercial janitorial supplies and cleaning chemicals.  Servicing markets such as office buildings, medical facilities, food service establishments, schools, child care centers, manufacturing and industrial plants, churches, retail stores, machine shops, theaters, service/gas stations, salons, parks, funeral homes, financial institutions, hotel/motels and much more.


About Us

T & L Janitorial Supply, LLC was  founded in 2014 by Tami Thomas-Leonatti. 

Our mission is to provide quality and updated products at competitive pricing. To continually train ourselves as well as educate our customers on the newest technology and techniques for this industry. To stay current on issues concerning health alerts and the development of all environmentally preferred opportunities. To offer training in the use of all our products, which will aid our customers in saving money both in time and labor. To offer a family environment for our staff and personal relationships with our customers.

What we offer



Cleaning Supplies, Cleaning Chemicals, Waste Receptacles


Gloves, Feminine Hygiene, Hand Soaps, Hand Sanitizers, Disinfecting Wipes


Dust Mops, Flat Mopping Systems, Buckets/Carts, Dusting Wands, Color-Coded Systems, Pads, Cloths, Mitts  


Toilet Tissue, Paper Towels, Facial Tissue, Trash Can Liners

Odor Control

Liquids, Aerosols, Enzymatic Digesters, Urinal Screens, Bowl Clips

Variety of options

Product Lines

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Your partner and provider for everyday cleaning and office needs.